JavaScript Sorting & Searching Algorithms

Two libraries for sorting arrays and searching in arrays. The library provides the flexibility to select variious sorting and searching algorithms.

The library provides the following sorting algorithms: Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Selection Sort, Counting Sort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Radix Sort, Heap Sort.

The library provides the following searchign algorithms: Binary Search, Sequential Search.

Demo Code

JSOF - JavaScript Object Filter

JSOF is a JavaScript Object filtering library which enables the user to filter multiple JavaScript objects on their attributes.

The utility exposes multiple operators (EQUALS, NOT EQUALS, CONTAINS, etc.) and two operations (AND/OR). The user can specify the attribute name, the operator and the value which is to be filtered; In addition, the operations (AND/OR) can be used to generate nested conditions. The library lets you perform the following conditions:

  • A & B
  • A || B
  • A & (B & C)
  • A & (B || C)
  • etc.

Demo Code Development

JSOF - UI - Filter Builder

JSOF UI - Filter Builder is a filter builder project in ReactJS. The builder provides a clean interface for the user to add data, add conditions and view the filtered output.

JSOF UI - Filter Builder uses JSOF underneath to filter results.

Demo Code